Which data need’s to be addressed while storing data in Azure.

  1. The storage solution should be Highly Available
  2. The storage solution should be Secured
  3. The storage solution should have Sharing Mechanism
  4. The storage solution should be Accessible

One stop solution in Azure is the Azure Storage platform which is the Microsoft’s cloud storage solution for modern data storage scenarios. Some properties of Azure Storage are;

  • Its Secure
  • Its Scalable
  • Its Managed
  • Its Accessible

For Big data analytics, there’s an improved azure service available which is built on the azure…

using PowerShell script

When we start working on a project and build Infrastructure manually or by any automation tool, In the end there’s always an Audit and Sanity checks which is required to perform. Like Audit Checks are required to validate all the infrastructure pieces are in place as defined in the proposed design document and Sanity Checks are required to trace day-to-day activities performed on the infrastructure to find deviation and report it to the system whether the deviation was approved/unapproved changes.

Based on the similar grounds, I have came out with a PowerShell Script which addresses these 2…

Once we have our Azure Stack System initialize and ready to consume then we can on-board our business units and users.

  • Each of those tenants can have one or more subscriptions.
  • A subscription is considered to be one base unit on which we can create one or more resources.
  • Once the subscription is ready then we can determine which of the services to be made available for consumption.
  • These is the part where Plan & Add-on service plan introduced through Offer

An azure stack operator create an offer and then the tenant creates…

Azure Stack is private cloud running in our data-center. So, considering this scenario the roles and responsibilities definitely changes.

— If we observe and understand the shared responsibility model we remember something like this (as displayed image below)

Azure Stack is an on-premises extension of Microsoft Azure that enables consistent application development and the deployment of hybrid cloud solutions.

  • What responsibilities or skills one should possess to operate azure stack hub? Skills required are, (1) Establishing connection to ASH (2) Administering ASH system (3)Monitoring ASH by checking the health of the system and managing capacity. …

Sometimes we did not want our scripts to be executed in an unattended mode. But if we think that our end customers can understand all the algorithms and logic you poured in your scripts and it will be 1-step easy thing to understand, then my friends you are very wrong.

Let’s not be presumptuous and build things by only considering the core logic. I have prepared a PowerShell script which will capture information on Azure DNS Service and then prompt for our inputs and then it will proceed to either delete or keep it.

[Q] Why one should think for Azure Stack?

Looking for a significant role in hybrid environments, with some computing resources remaining in on-premises datacenters and using Azure as the public cloud, customers can optimize that hybrid model, by leveraging the Azure Stack offering.

[Q] What is Azure Stack?

Azure Stack is a family of products that provide an extension of Azure to consistently build and run hybrid applications across datacenters, edge locations, remote offices, and clouds. Azure Stack family consists of Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack HCI, and Azure Stack Edge.

[Q] What are some characteristics that facilitate transition to…

[Q] Why we should know Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its services?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers amazing new solutions and experiences and with AI we can build solutions that can enable an transformation and advancement in health care, financial management, environmental protection, and other areas to make a better world for everyone.Artificial Intelligence enables the creation of powerful solutions to many kinds of problems. AI systems can exhibit human characteristics to analyze the world around them, make predictions or inferences, and act on them in ways that we could only imagine a short time ago.With this power, comes responsibility…

using Azure CLI commands

[Q] How Azure IoT hub manages the devices?

Azure IoT hub manages devices using Azure IoT Hub Identity Registry by;
1. Listing IoT device Identities
2. Dictionary with Device ID as the Key
3. And, stores connection credentials

[Q] What are the features of the Azure IoT Hub Identity Registry?

1. It can perform CRUD (create, update, delete and read) operations
2. It can manage secrecy using credential store
3. The access mechanism is at the Device level control
4. Import/Export from storage or any other cloud services can be achieved
5. …

Hey guys, I was recently asked, Vijay, how rapidly can you onboard a new project and the developers team when you setup Azure DevOps in our organization?. It made me think about how many projects an organization creates in a day. Hmm… I thought of so many things to automate when I setup the Azure DevOps service for my customer.

But, when I heard this question my brain started thinking PowerShell might help or any pre-defined template can help me if I make an API call to perform the setup.

So, the way we can achieve rapid creation of a…

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