Add DPOR (Digital Partner of Record) on an Azure Subscription

You will never hear words like “Don’t start your work!” “Wait for sometime” and even more from your Boss. Yes, It’s true my boss said this to me and I was caught into surprise. So, I reached out to my sales lead to know what happened exactly. But he said that the Boss wants to know, Is DPOR assigned to subscription by customer… What & how should I do It ??

Pre-Requisites before you start this activity

  1. Get rights or guide customer to fetch azure Subscription-Id from azure portal.
  2. Identify Subscription Admin or Subscription Contributor from customer end.
  3. Connect with your Partner sales lead to know your organizations MPN-Id

So, whats DPOR ?

Digital Partner of Record is associated with the partner who acts as a servicing partner to a Microsoft cloud subscription for customer. Whenever a new subscription is sold to customer (existing or new) the servicing partner should be added as a DPOR.

There are lot of benefits associated with this for customer, the partner and to Microsoft. So, how to add the DPOR records to customer’s new subscription?

Step-By-Step Process;

Step-1: Login to your customers subscription and fetch the subscription ID details

Step-2: Using your corporate email-Id login to “” and look for MPN id or connect with your partner sales lead and get the correct MPN-ID. In this case we will take it as 8881212

Step-3: Now once you have the subscription-id details of customer and your corporate MPN number. perpare a URL in undelined format

Step-4: Once you outline all your details it will look like this…

Step-5: Now, send the URL details to Subscription Admin or Subscription Contributor and advise him to click on the link and which will route him to the following page.

Step-6: The partner ID has already been entered so, you have to validate the information which will populate the Partner details.

Step-7: Subscription Admin or Subscription Contributor has to click on “save partner” information and proceed with the closure.

By following above 7-steps you have successfully incorporated your organization details as a servicing partner to Microsoft subscription.

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