How do I prepare for AZ-500 (Azure Security Engineer) Exam ?

Azure AZ-500 exam is not that easy, But If we prepare well by appropriate planning and practicing there is 100% chance that we can pass the exam. Though it’s an associate level exam but the revised syllabus and the scenario based questions are really very challenging and require good amount of time to understand and figure out the correct solution.

In this blog today, I’ll be sharing my approach and method which I have adopted to not just pass the exam but to gain excellence in azure services while earning this certification.

Step-1: Purchase the certification voucher

Whenever we prepare for exam, there’s a small fear which we hold in our mind. What will happen if I fail in exam? Ohh god! Is it possible to get another chance? or else I’ll loose my exam fees and I have to pay again for another attempt. So, It’s always a good choice to pay very little and have multiple attempts to clear the exam. I bought the voucher from Mindhub and it was delivered electronically on email address.

Step-2: Freezing the exam dates

After we purchase the voucher, next thing comes to our mind is to when should I plan for this exam? Its easy! Ideally we have some dates in our mind or we estimate our efforts (office work + personal life) and pin down a date.

Try to outline these 3 factors; Your start date & Proposed date. The Actual exam date can be estimated from the Effort estimate you calculated based on your availability.

Step-3: Figure out the learning application you want to follow

It’s always good to get some guidance along the way when we are exploring new technology/services. I explored many online education application to get the content but since my focus was not to just pass the exam but gain excellence, I decided to go ahead with pluralsight for e-learning.

Pluralsight has a tailored courses to understand the technology and gain good experience on the azure services.

Step-4: Identifying the skills required for AZ-500 exam.

As suggested in step 2, we have to estimate our efforts to freeze the Actual exam date. I looked for all the topics available in the exam

After understanding the skills required, I outlined similar things from Pluralsight courses.

Step-5: Estimate the Efforts to figure out the Actual Exam Date.

Once we outline the skills required and map it with the course provider, then we can perform the effort estimation as per our bandwidth availability. I prepared an excel spreadsheet in which, I outlined;

  1. The Date on which I will spare time to learn the course.
  2. The Topic extracted from pluralsight course library.
  3. Highlighting Estimated and Actual efforts for Theory & Practicals
  4. Finally the Status on that respective date.

The above spreadsheet was my success factor to earn the certification (AZ-500). This was my 5-Step success which I followed, when I was thinking of “How I should prepare for AZ-500 exam? ”.




Assisting Technical Community to help organizations to Transform, Migrate & Automate Services in Cloud.

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Vijay Borkar (VBCloudboy)

Vijay Borkar (VBCloudboy)

Assisting Technical Community to help organizations to Transform, Migrate & Automate Services in Cloud.

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