SAP Application Migration to Azure Cloud: what should we consider ??

Every big enterprise will always have 3 Main Objectives when it comes with their IT-Environment.

  1. Reduce Capital Cost over years i.e., 1–3–5 yrs of duration.

Many enterprises nowadays are looking to quickly seek the benefits of the cloud by migrating their workloads and applications to cloud . However, cloud migration majorly focuses on two crucial things “STRATEGY” & “PLANNING”.

When you think to move your workloads to Azure Cloud, there is always an exercise which enterprises usually perform. which is to check whether their workloads are compatible enough to be hosted on cloud platform. By carefully understanding customer’s requirement, Microsoft Azure has built an 7-Pillars on which the wider landscape of SAP can spread and operate..

P1: Security, P2: Performance, P3: Scalability, P4: Availability, P5: Recoverability, P6: Efficiency, P7: Operations.

These 6 Phases of Migration really plays an vital role for SAP workload Transformation to Azure cloud. The Phases are illustrated as;

  1. Assessment : Performing inventory of SAP components and applications, Targeting application inventory for azure then outlining RACI matrix, Performing high level solution architecture also, outlining and listing azure regions and services. Assessing Network architecture to connect from on-premise to azure also maintaining security principles for running high-impact business data in azure. Requirement gathering on block diagrams for solutions also outlining compute size and network components. Documents mentioning business continuity and Disaster Recovery architecture, Technical design documents outlining information about OS, DB, kernel, and SAP support pack versions. Design documents on three-tier of SAP production systems with high availability and disaster recovery architecture. Last but not the least Inventory list of all SAP Interfaces (SAP & Non-SAP)



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Vijay Borkar (VBCloudboy)

I am highly skilled Ent. Solution Architect with a strong background in systems integration and a passion for delivering solutions that drive business success.